Alison's Combined AIS and Massage Session
"Being new to massage therapy, I found that Alison Bentley's calm, professional manner put me right at ease.  My first session in Active Isolated Stretching (AIS), was amazing.  As an athlete, it helped to bolster my flexibility and recognize a new range of motion.

As a writer, journalist and tutor, my job is rewarding, yet very sedentary.  Alison targeted muscles that don't stretch themselves on a typical day.  The massage that she provided was therapeutic, and left me with stress-relieving benefits long after our session was over.  She is a gentle practitioner with trained hands that help restore balance to your body and mind."
Cindy Reynolds     B.A., M.Ed

Wow! I have had close to 100 massages over the years, because I had back surgery almost 18 years ago and a monthly massage can prevent a debilitating episode. I have never had an experience like I had with Alison Bentley. I felt like I was millions of miles away in a sweet dream. She has an amazing sense of how deep to go, so that the service is therapeutic, but enjoyable. Following the session, for at least 7-10 days, I felt like I was floating through my days and slept better than I ever had. Do yourself an amazing favor and go see her if you haven't you will be so glad you did.
Lori Reyna

Mixed Massage Work
Between stress tension, minor pain from old injuries, and soreness from exercise and life, I, like most adults, usually have something that's physically not quite right.  I started receiving massages from Erik almost two years ago and now I'm usually physically comfortable.  When I feel a quirk or pain, I check the time of my next appointment with him.  I explain the problem and he helps. After about the first year of monthly massages, the chronic issues are gone.  Now I just get maintenance massage.  I recommend massages and Erik in particular to everyone.
Beth Logan

Sound therapy and Polarity Session
“At the suggestion of my Chiropractor, I had an energy treatment by Erik Carlson to compliment and enhance the adjustments and work we were doing for my kidney stone and gallbladder issues. (We discovered I had a dislocated rib that was adversely affecting the energy meridians in my body.) After only one Polarity/sound treatment with Erik, I was amazed at how immediate the pain and inflammation in my flank disappeared. When I went back to the Chiropractor, she agreed that my kidney stone has shrunk and the inflammation in my gallbladder has greatly reduced. Also, my body was finally able to hold the chiropractic adjustments!!! This energy treatment with Erik has definitely speeded up my recovery and saved me a lot of time and money at doctor’s offices.!!!”
Kim Roche

Combined Acutonic® Sound therapy and Reiki Session
"Erik is truly amazing. He is very in tune with energy and has a way of just "knowing" what his client needs. The healing I recently had with him left me feeling so peaceful and happy; he really did a great job on my energy system and was able to heal some things deep within me that needed to be healed. Thank you Erik for your wonderful service!"
Amanda Shepard

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