Two Advanced Subtle Energy Workshop Intensives Offered at Sacred Healing Grove in Mason, NH
This workshop series is initially focused on learning about the body's subtle energy system, working with your client's subtle energy to resolve issues and for your own health maintenance. A key focus in workshop II is the integration of Qigong with the healing channel.

Based on twenty years of training, experience, and experimentation by ErikCarlson lmt 

Saturday Oct 18 
Workshop I - Strengthening your energy system with Qigong

Saturday, November 29
Workshop II - Reading Subtle energy and Qi Healing Tools

Follow on Workshops to this series are planned to teach other innovative Holistic practices and tools

- Mondays and Wednesdays 10-11AM at Hart Pond in Chelmsford, MA
- Tuesday and Thursday afternoon classes 4:30-5:30PM at Sacred Healing Grove

Classes will re-start on Sept 29th, students of all ages and experience are invited.
Try it out before you commit; your first class is free without any obligation.

Tai Chi training can be a great way to re-gain lost mobility, balance, flexibility, and lower body strength.
Qigong training is a breath practice with simple movements that help re-balance the subtle energy of the body and in some cases help turn back the clock on the aging process.
Both Tai Chi and Qigong help reduce stress, improve mental concentration, and develop a mindful awareness of your self and the energetic environment that surrounds you.

Advanced students can go on to learn the traditional 108 form Yang style and will learn martial applications and the more subtle tenets of this internal martial art.

Instruction is $40 per month. Beginner's who have no prior Tai Chi Chuan experience must commit and pre-pay for the first two months at. Sacred Healing Grove

No matter what kinds of bodywork or hands-on healing work you do. If you're suffering from sore back, wrists or thumbs, I can show you some ways to avoid therapist burnout.  This workshop can give you new tools and perspectives to take your practice to new heights.  I've taken my twenty years of study in internal martial arts, various Qigong and Qi healing practices, acupressure, sound therapy, and integrated many insights, discoveries, and innovations from these various systems to empower you with a healing system that gives you a great, diverse tool bag and approach towards helping others.

o tools and body mechanics to prevent back and repetitive motion injuries in your    bodywork.

o Subtle energy tools to keep you at an energetic peak for your clients and give energy sessions that will wow your clients

o New mudras that I've not seen in any other literature that are effective applications for RA, tendonitis and other inflammation issues.

Contact me today for more information on this opportunity.

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