Alison Bentley -- Alison is a licensed massage therapist and Usui Reiki master. She offers therapeutic and relaxation massage and specializes in Oncology massage and Active Isolated Stretching (AIS), a great way to restore lost range-of-motion. She is nationally certified with the NCBTMB and is a member of the ABMP (Association of Bodywork and Massage Professionals). Alison is a graduate of Smith college and completed her massage training at the Salter school. She trained with Tracy Walton in 2009, a well known cancer massage therapist. In 2010 she trained with Dr. Ben Benjamin on Active Isolated Stretching. For more about Alison go to her ABMP site at

Erik Carlson -- Erik's previous career was hardware, systems, and software engineering, but in 1993 he began to devote more and more of his time studying meditation, Asian culture, Chinese internal martial arts holistic healing modalities, Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and internal energy work.

Erik began teaching Tai Chi Chuan, Qigong and Tai Chi sword at Compaq Computer/Hewlett Packard in 2000. He practices several forms of Qigong including Yang style Tai Chi Qigong, Chen style Tai Chi Qigong, Tao Tan Pai (Taoist Golden Elixir), Iron Shirt Qigong, and Spring Forest Qigong.

In 2008, Erik graduated from Spatech (formerly the Polarity Realization Institute) and is a Licensed Massage Therapist LMT, Polarity practitioner, a Usui/Lightarian Reiki master teacher, master practitioner of Integrated Energy Therapy, Shambala master and also offers Acutonics® harmonic healing, which uses sound instruments in place of Acupuncture needles to promote healing.

Erik is member of the Associated Bodywork and Massage Professional (ABMP) and the North American Studio Alliance (NAMASTA). For more on Erik see

Acutonics® is a registered trademark of the Kairos Institute of Sound Healing, LLC

Kwan Yin Healing  Tim Emerson's focus is re-connective healing via Kwan Yin

Sacred Healing Grove Shamanic Healing and Learning Center in Mason, NH (Yoga, Tai Chi Chuan, Qigong and other holistic classes)

Divinely Created Rev. Judy Seidl, Spiritual Teacher, Spiritual Counselor, Healer, Intuitive Oracle Reader, Artist, Ceremonialist, Professional non-denominational Wedding Ceremony Specialist.

Heart of the Dove Emissary of Peace & Harmony  Spiritual Counselors and Holistic Therapists whose mission is to assist individuals in understanding the human condition and working with it as a catalyst for enlightenment and healing on all levels

Aquarius Sanctuary  a Center for Higher Learning & Healing in Westford, MA

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