Our holistic classes include:
Tai Chi Chuan Classes
Beginner's 24 form Yang style Tai Chi Chuan sequence
Traditional 108 form Yang style Tai Chi Chuan sequence

Chi Kung (Qigong) Classes
Intro to Chinese Energy Cultivation Workshop
Yang style Chi Kung (microcosmic orbit circulation)
Intermediate Chi Kung (Inner smile work, working with Yin and Yang energy)
Advanced Chi Kung techniques

Beginner's Meditation Classes
An introduction into some simple techniques in learning how to quiet the inner storyteller. Meditation can be a way to gain insight into what is really important in life. It can help reduce stress and keep one focused in the moment.

Erik Carlson's Experiences with Tai Chi Chuan ?
I've been studying Yang and Chen styles of Tai Chi Chuan and Qigong (Chi Kung) since 1994. I used to be plagued with back problems and job stress. Tai Chi and Qi breathing have become a great stress reliever. The flexibility and renewed energy I gain from practicing Tai Chi Chuan is terrific. I have not had any serious back problems since I started practicing Tai Chi. I also found that regular Tai Chi practice improved my balance and increased lower body strength and overall stamina.

What is Qi(Chi) Energy?
Qi energy is considered to be generated by the body's own internal electrical chemical fields generated by the nervous system. Although there has been some scientific research done on Qi energy and Tai Chi Chuan, the mechanisms are still not fully understood by Western science. Qigong (Chi Kung) and the various styles of Tai Chi Chuan help to increase the level, quality, and circulation of this Qi energy within the body

What is Qigong or Chi Kung?
Qigong (or Chi Kung) literally translates as energy work or energy cultivation. It is a meditative breathing method used by practitioners of Tai Chi Chuan. In fact, there are over a thousand different types of Qigong practiced around the globe. Some of these breathing techniques are similar to yoga pranayama breath work to increase prana or Qi. Like pranayama you can change your respiration to reduce stress and calm down or to increase internal energy. Unlike Eastern meditation breathing, Some types of Qigong breathing is done by contracting the abdomen during inhalation and relaxing the abdomen during exhalation. This is common with several internal martial arts energy practices. Instead of focusing on the third eye as in Eastern meditation, Qigong meditation is focused at the Dan Tian (also know as the Hara point in Yoga), a point about two finger widths below the navel and centered in the body between the spine and the front mid-line. This focal point is also known as the Pearl of Qi and is one of the internal power generating points of the body.

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