What is Active Isolated Stretching?

Active Isolated Stretching (AIS) helps restore and improve your range of motion. It is a relatively new system of stretching developed by Aaron Mattes, an exercise kineseologist, which involves working one muscle at a time.  Based on scientific research, AIS is performed by repeated, gentle and short duration stretches to a muscle before it has a chance to protectively contract. This is more effective than the stretching you learned in high school.

What is Acutonics® (Acupuncture without needles)
As in acupuncture, tuning forks and other sound instruments can take the place of acupuncture needles to open, disperse, or build the internal energy of the body (Chi). Because sound can pass through clothing, the treatment is non-invasive and the client remains fully clothed throughout the session.

What is Polarity Therapy?
One commonality between acutonics, acupunture, traditional Chinese Medicine and Aryuvedic medicine is that energy fields and subtle energy flows and exist everywhere in nature. Polarity Therapy was developed by Dr. Randolph Stone

This flow and balance of energy in the human body is the foundation of good health. When energy is unbalanced, blocked or fixed due to stress or other factors, pain and disease arise.

What is Reiki?
Reiki is a non-invasive hands-on healing practice. Its origin is thought to be Tibetan; this healing practice was re-discovered by Dr. Usui in Japan during the 1920’s. It is a channeling of Universal Life force energy from the practitioner to the client. Most people find Reiki to be a very relaxing and an energizing experience. The client remains fully clothed during sessions.

What is Integrated Energy Therapy® ?
Integrated Energy Therapy® (IET) is another non-invasive practice like Reiki and works on removing physical and emotional energy blocks at a cellular level. In IET and other Traditional Chinese Medicine practices, it is believed that various emotions manifest as energy blocks or depletions in specific organs of the body. The practice of IET was channeled to Stephen Thayer who created IET.

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