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Event Prices
Call us for Chair massage Event Pricing. This price will vary on the number, availability of therapists and the duration of the event required.

Single Session Prices
For Relaxation massage, therapeutic massage, sports massage, deep tissue, oncology massage, Active Isolated Stretching (AIS), Reiki, Acutonics sound therapy or EFT.
These Massage and Bodywork single sessions are priced at:
1/2  Hour session $45
One Hour session $70
75 Minute session $80
90 Minute session $95  

Prepaid Massage/Bodywork Packages
Package Rates:
 $390 for package of 6 one hour massages
 $600 for package of 10 one hour massages
 $550 for package of 6 ninety minute massages
 $900 for package of 10 ninety minute massages

Special Bodywork Programs and Rates
Each Program consists of multiple 90 minute sessions customized with a set of techniques that are targeted to meet your specific goals. Note: Introductory programs are limited time only.

Athletic Performance Program

This package increases your range of motion and prepares you for competitive events. Prepare yourself physically and mentally before the event or start the healing and re-building process post-event. This package comprises nine sessions of:
- 30 minutes of stretching, EFT, or mental imagery followed by
- 60 minutes of therapeutic or sports massage
 Introductory Athletic Performance 5 session program $750
 Athletic Performance 9 session program $1175

Restoring Bodywork Package
Reduce Your Pain and Regain lost movement and range of motion with our restoring bodywork package. Whether your specific issues are from past injuries, surgery, or issues from aging, this package will help get you moving again.
The package includes nine sessions of:
- 60 minutes of stretching, therapeutic massage utilizing aspects of NMT/myofascial, and a            gentle approach to trigger point therapy followed by
- 30 minutes of instruction on anti-inflammatory diet tools, neigong body movement routines and     restorative Qigong.
Introductory Restoring Bodywork 5 session program $750
Restoring Bodywork 9 session program $1175

 Creative Calming Package
Restore Body, Mind, and Spirit with our Creative Calming Package. Stress is a leading cause of many diseases in our society. Decrease and potentially eliminate your Anxiety and Panic attacks and day to day stress through massage, sound therapy, and energy work. Learn from us a set of tools and techniques that re-build your inner reserves of energy, reduces your worry and stress and puts you back in control. Become the master of your mind, become more centered, focused and take control.
This Creative Calming Package includes nine sessions comprised of:
- 60 minute of Massage, sound therapy, and energy work followed by
- 30 minutes of instruction and application of acupressure, meditation, and qigong techniques.
Introductory Creative Calming 5 session Program $750
Creative Calming 9 session Program $1175

Swedish Massage Modern massage had it start with the core of techniques from Swedish massage. Swedish massage promotes circulation of the blood and lymph, relaxes muscles, helps relieve pain and helps restore metabolic balance in the body. This massage modality uses mechanical manipulation of soft body tissues with movements such as rubbing, kneading, pressing, rolling, tapping and other forms of tapotement.

Theraputic Massage Massage therapy uses a variety of techniques and is especially helpful for chronically tense and contracted areas such as stiff necks, low back tightness, and sore shoulders.

Chair Massage Chair massage is a great way to keep productivity high in high tech industries and stressful work environments. It is also an effective way Corporations can show their appreciation of their employees. Chair massage relieves stress and helps re-energize employees.

Sports Massage Sports Massage helps enhance athletic performance and includes event massage, training/conditioning massage, and restoration/rehabilitation massage.Event massage might be road races or multi-day tournaments, which can include pre-event, inter-event, and post-event massage work.

Oncology Massage
If you or a loved one are facing the many challenges of cancer, massage can be a tremendous gift for both patient and family.

In spite of the busy schedule of appointments, procedures, and tests, making time for a massage is be a worthwhile investment in your health. Because massage helps relieve stress, it allows your body to focus on healing. In addition, studies suggest that it can be very helpful in relieving the most common side effects of cancer treatments such as pain, nausea, fatigue, anxiety, and depression. Family members and caregivers may also be suffering from stress and anxiety, and they can benefit from the soothing effects of massage as well.

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